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What is "antibacterial"
"Antibacterial" means adding a kind of "antibacterial material" to the materials of various kinds of products, so that the product itself has a function of killing bacteria and viruses and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and viruses. "Antibacterial" is actually a supplement and delay of the means of "disinfection".

"Antibacterial" fully embodies "long-term effectiveness."

What is "disinfection"

"Disinfection" is actually a process of killing bacteria and viruses on the skin, the surface of the object and the surrounding environment through a potion or an instrument.

"Disinfection" fully reflects "effectiveness."


What is “a perfect, systematic health and epidemic prevention system”

The organic combination of "disinfection" and "antibacterial" complement each other. Some aspects must use the means of "disinfection", while some aspects of the use of "antibacterial" but "disinfection" can not be done.

For example, the “effectiveness” of disinfection can only achieve short-term sterilization of articles and the environment; but it can not achieve long-lasting and continuous sterilization purposes; while antibacterial materials such as antibacterial plastics, antibacterial coatings and antibacterial textiles can make articles and The environment achieves long-lasting, continuous sterilization purposes.

Silver ion technology foundation
Broad-spectrum antibacterial, non-resistance
Health is the inevitable trend of human society development, the eternal pursuit of human beings
Unique effect
Infinite space application area
Efficient, safe and prevent infection
Safe, environmentally friendly and effective silver ion core technology
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